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In order to operate BSD (NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Darwin etc.) on virtual PC software like Virtual PC or VMware, the tuning and development which carried out the special price are performed. In order for a user to make the time and effort of the hard disk image installed beforehand or installation mitigate so that it may be easy to introduce BSD, I want to also offer FD image converted so that it could use immediately, and the related document.

NetBSD 1.6 on VirtualPC 5 download: NetBSD16.tgz(79Mbytes, MD5:96d12caed08d1fde2f7505f0f5c952fb)
FreeBSD 4.6.2 on VirtualPC 5 download: FreeBSD462.tgz (98Mbytes, MD5:d3adef6590dbd0d780244d41499fa554)

some patch of port-i386 ML:,,,,,,
Problem Report kern/79944 : virtual floppy controller of Virtual PC does not work of

NetBSD and Virtual PC (
the OpenBSD on Virtual PC project (
Using NetBSD 1.5 with Virtual PC 4 (
Virtual PC Web Page (
VMware Web Page (
NetBSD Web Page (
FreeBSD Web Page (
OpenBSD Web Page (
Darwin Web Page (

2/16/2006: Add link FreeBSD Problem Report kern/79944
1/14/2003: Add link some information of port-386 ML
1/8/2003: Release NetBSD, FreeBSD on VirtualPC HD image
5/5/2002: Setup Web, announce ML and developers ML
5/5/2002: Start this project :)

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